Watch a PS4 Controller Drive a Nissan GT-R Around the Silverstone Circuit

Watch a modified Nissan GT-R be driven using a PS4 controller around Silverstone Circuit.

With a little bit of innovative outside-of-the-box thinking, a team of engineers has managed to modify a Nissan GT-R to be controlled using a PS4 controller. The modified Nissan is completely remote-controlled with driving commands provided by through a PS4 controller from a trailing car. 

The car was developed to promote the 2017 release of the GT Sports game and cost somewhere in the order of £100,000 to develop. 

While the test driver, Mike Channell (co-editor of Outside Xbox), is more than familiar with using a PS4 controller for video games, in fact, he admits to being something of a Gran Turismo veteran. Whoever he takes a little time adjusting to using it in the real world. 

Steering is controlled using the left joystick, while acceleration and braking are controlled through the trigger buttons of the PS4 controller. 

At the end of the trail run around the racetrack, the Channel's skills are tested even further by attempting some precision parking.  

How will he do? Check out the video to find out. 

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