Punk Rocker Invents 250 Strange but Whimsical Musical Instruments

He has created his own orchestra called the Anarchestra.
Loukia Papadopoulos

We all love music but did you know that only a few instruments are used to create most of the music we hear today?

What if there were more instruments we could use? Doesn't the rule "the more the merrier" apply in music? Punk rocker Andy Thurlow certainly thinks so, and he has created something called the Anarchestra.

It is like an orchestra of his own strange but whimsical instruments. These new instruments come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and produce various sounds.

In this video by Special Head, we get to see a few of them. The video's creator claims Thurlow has invented 250 of these delightful instruments.

It has taken Thurlow 10 years to produce all these instruments. The video does not share all 250 of them, but it does feature music from the Anachestra.

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The footage is worth a watch just to hear the odd but beautiful sounds that can be generated with just a little bit of creativity. And who knows, maybe someday we will see these instruments become as mainstream as the guitar.

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