This Razor-Blade Drone is Like an Extreme 'Fruit Ninja' Game

Fruit Ninja -- the iPhone hit that wore out a user's fingers and dirtied up everyone's screens. After fading out of public consciousness, Fruit Ninja hit arcades in a physical gaming form with massive touch screens.

However, the game does still have its fans, some of whom have made very interesting reimagined versions of the game. This take on Fruit Ninja might be the best yet. Strap a razor blade on a racing drone and fly it through fruit? We'll take that option.

The video comes as the brainchild of YouTuber Giaco Whatever and his friend, drone racer Mr. Steele of Robot Riot. Flying anything at upwards of 70 mph isn't exactly safe, and attaching a super sharp razor blade to the rapidly-moving object is an even more dangerous idea. However, if someone is there to capture the escapades with a slow-motion camera, you can justify it with 'science.'

You can even check out behind-the-scenes footage from Mr. Steele. And once you see the original takes at full speed, you'll definitely see the original slow-mo video in a different light. There might not be high scores in this version of Fruit Ninja, but we think Giaco and Co. are certainly winners.

Via Giaco Whatever


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