Real Life "Iron Man" Jet Suit Gets Tested on Europe's Longest Zip Line

Richard Browning has tested his real-life Iron Man suit at Europe's largest zip line in Wales.
Jessica Miley

Wannabe “real-life Iron Man” Richard Browning has tested his jet engine power suit at Europe’s longest zip line. The 1.6 km long zip wire at Zip World theme park in North Wales gave Browning a chance to test the speed, stability, and acceleration of the jet suit while enjoying the relative safety of being attached to the line.

During the testing, Browning and his suit reached speeds of around 90km/h. Browning said he knows his suit can go faster if it didn't have to contend with the strong crosswinds. Browning who is the founder of the company Gravity Industries has tested his suit in a series of breathtaking locations.

Last year he set the world record for the fastest speed in a jet engine powered suit when he hit 51.53km/h over a lake at Lagoona Park in Reading. Browning’s Jet suit, known as 'the Daedalus suit' is made up of four arm-mounted gas turbine engines and two engines that sit on the wearer's hips.

The engines provide around 22kg of thrust and enough lift to launch a human. Gravity Industries explains their goal saying, “Our mission is to build an inspirational technology company by re-imagining the future of human flight and pioneering aeronautical innovation.”

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Browning commented on the lastest teats saying, “Since we achieved the Guinness World Records title we continue to be on an aggressive research and development journey to explore the high-speed stability of the Gravity Jet Suit. The team were excited to push the boundaries of speed with the support of Zip World and ISC as we discover even more potential in this exciting exploration into human flight.”

Via: Gravity Industries

Real Life "Iron Man" Jet Suit Gets Tested on Europe's Longest Zip Line

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