Watch Real-Life "Pass the Butter" Robot From 'Rick and Morty' In A Robot Fight

Kathleen Villaluz

Entertaining adults could sometimes be a grueling task for adults themselves as creating interesting and cool content is not always that straightforward. However, this video epitomizes the concept of simple adult entertainment - just a couple of robots engaged in a robot fight. Although creating the bots may not be as simple as watching them destroy one another, for spectators like us, all we are concerned about is who would endure until the end to claim the prize.

One of the gladiator robots, dubbed as "Pass the Butter", has a very interesting and amusing background. Inspired by the adult animated science-fiction sitcom called Rick and Morty, the taller of the two robots inside the ring is equipped to throw flames at its opponents. It has an 8-wheel base, a single shaft supporting the head, two arms that spit out flames, and one big eye. The robot maker named this flame-throwing machine "Flame War".

At the beginning of the robot fight, it seems like Flame War had the upper hand and T800, the robot that looks like a thick medallion with spinners, is the underdog. Flame War started off aggressive and managed to somehow get T800 spinning like a coin. However, the design of the flame-throwing robot proved to be a disadvantage as T800 was able to tip it over, which was then unable to pick itself back up. There is one lesson we can all learn from this robot fight - gladiator robots are ideal to have a low center of gravity design. This way, it won't be easy to tip over. The only thing to worry about is how it will stand back up again in the case that it gets flipped upside down. As for Flame War, maybe you should just stick to your passing the butter task instead of picking a fight with another robot.