Rediscovered Sesame Street Factory Tour Shows How a Saxophone Gets Made

Sesame Street ran a bunch of segments showing the inside of factories. This one takes you inside the secret world of saxophone making.
Jessica Miley

Factory videos that show the secret ways things are made are fascinating, no matter your interest in the product. This great video is an excerpt from a Sesame Street Episode that aired in 1980. The factory in question might be the Conn factory in Nogales, Mexico that produced a variety of brass instruments. The video takes you through the factory from the metal being punched into shape to the final testing of the product. The whole video is accompanied by a hilarious sax soundtrack that mimics the noises you see in the video. The whole effect is very amusing and must have been a real hit for the kids watching at home in the 1980’s.

Sesame Street a bunch of these factory tours ranging from peanut butter to cheese. The videos gave its viewers an insight into everyday objects around them. They also showed children the often long and complicated process it is required to make such ubiquitous items like crayons. Each video had a specially crafted soundtrack that added to the impact of the educational films. Sesame Street’s first episode aired on the U.S.'s national public television provider PBS on November 10, 1969 and is still running today. Though to catch an episode you'll need to be a premium HBO subscriber. The series was famous for its use of the Muppets in conjunction with videos and songs to help children learn about life. The show regularly does segments that aim to educate children on topics such as relationships, ethics, and emotions.

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