Junkyard engineer modifies a Clio with steel tank tracks

Behold the Clio-tank.
Derya Ozdemir

Imagine you've wanted to convert your car into an off-roader. There are indeed countless ways of accomplishing that, ranging from lift-kits and locking differentials to massive all-terrain tires, all of which can ensure that your vehicle can handle tough obstacles and unforgiving terrain.

Admittedly, fitting the car with tank tracks might be the most outside-of-the-box way of accomplishing this goal. In this video, junkyard engineer MasterMilo takes a basic Renault Clio hatchback and straps a set of tank tracks to it, and it looks as bizarre as it sounds. Throughout the entire process, the video is so detailed that you may be able to figure out exactly how and what is being done to the vehicle, to the point where you might perhaps build your own, if you can get your hands a pair of tank tracks, of course.