Renault's Most Advanced and Futuristic Concept Cars

We dare you not to be impressed by these prototypes.

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Concept cars are not always meant to become a reality. Sometimes they are just there to showcase what could one day be possible and few makers in the business have concept cars as impressive as Renault.

These cars may not necessarily see the light of day, but they do push the boundaries of engineering and make for some pretty nifty technological advancements. Take for instance, Renault's RS 2027.

This is a Formula 1 concept car that has four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering. LED displays are incorporated into the wheels and it even relays information about the driver’s position in a race. It also features the first-ever transparent cockpit cover. 

Impressed yet? Well just wait until you see Morphoz, an all-electric SUV that can physically expand its rear and front by 16 inches (40 cm), Trezor, a car without side doors, and Symbioz, a mobile living room where the car seats can rotate to face each other.

Indeed, when it comes to vehicle innovation and ingenuity, Renault is a serious contender. Its concept cars push the limits of engineering, bringing you some prototypes that are impressively and undeniable futuristic. If you want to see these prototypes and all their advanced features in action, then do not miss this video.

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