Research Team Releases Detailed Investigation of Beirut Explosion

The comprehensive investigation details the failures that led to the Beirut port explosion.

The Beirut— capital of Lebanon  explosion, which killed more than two hundred people, wounded over 6,500, and destroyed some parts of the city, happened on August 4, 2020. Three months after the explosion, it is reported that there is still a lot of work to be done, and now, perhaps the most comprehensive reconstruction of the Beirut explosion has been made available by Forensic Architecture, detailed with videos and images. 

Forensic Architecture is a research team based at the University of London and uses architectural techniques and technologies to investigate cases around the world. It was urged by Mada Masr, an independent Egyptian online newspaper, to analyze publicly available information including videos, photographs, and documents. The aim of the project was to produce a timeline and a 3D model to help reconstruct the events of August 4.

Now, the results of the investigation have been released, providing insight into the events and failures that led to the perhaps largest non-nuclear explosion in history. You can watch the video to learn more about their investigation.

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