Restored 1936 Footage of Chevy Truck Explains the Importance of the Floating Axle

The Chevrolet full floating axle was a game changer for truck design when it was launched in 1936.
Jessica Miley

In 1936, Chevrolet started making a special kind of axle. It would become known as a ‘full floating axle'. In this video from ‘US Auto Industry’ you can enjoy an original TV production that explains the history and development of the full floating axle. The development of this piece of technology meant that the weight of the vehicle isn’t resting on the axle. The video goes into extraordinary detail about the design theory behind the axle accompanied by some great archival footage inside the Chevrolet factory. The whole thing is narrated by what sounds like David Lynch’s character, Gordon Cole in the series Twin Peaks. We absolutely recommend watching the whole thing.

And if you enjoy that one, then it is a must to dedicate some time to the US Auto Industry channel. The very well curated space hosts videos from all aspects of the auto industry, from ads for motorcycle safety to charming advertisements for cars in the 50’s and 60’s. The ads definitely make you feel like there were simpler times. These archives of automotive history seem to have a special meaning at the moment as e-mobility forges ahead. While most of us are still interacting with traditional fuel combustion engines now, there soon may be a time when this will be a distant memory.

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