Restoring an Antique Tap And Die Set

This YouTuber restored a S W Card MFG 15 Piece Tap And Die Set that came in a plastic bag.

Once in a while you come across a restoration so cool and neat, it will amaze you. This is one of those restorations.

A YouTuber decided to restore an antique S W Card MFG 15 Piece Tap And Die Set and it was no easy feat as the wood casing was all in pieces. 

He started by removing all the pieces from the wood casing, carefully pointing out which pieces would also need to be repaired.

The YouTuber explained that there was much to repair as the seller simply packed the Tap and Die Set in a plastic bag which would have likely made it break even more in shipping and handling.

The YouTuber started by putting all the contents of the wood casing in some soapy water. He then proceeded to scrub them carefully to remove all dirt and dust.


To further clean them from rust and other leftover residues, he then put the pieces in an Ultra Sonic Parts Cleaner.

He then moved to wood casing unscrewing and removing each part of it. What did he do next?

We can't tell you that. You have to watch the video to find out. We will tell you he used the following tools and ingredients: Crystal Clear Outdoor Varnish Satin, Danish OilGorilla Wood Glue, Dremel Multitool and a Ryobi Battery Circular Saw.

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