Restoring and Rebuilding a 1995 Toyota Supra Found in a Field in 10 Minutes

Watch the restoration of a vehicle found with virtually no parts.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Ok, we have to admit the title here is a bit misleading. The actual rebuilding and restoration of this 1995 Toyota Supra found in a field actually took two years.

But the video brings you the process in 10 minutes, 12:31, to be exact. If you want to know the car's full specs and details, YouTuber MotionAuto TV has them all in his video's text:

"Car is a 1995 Toyota Supra Mkiv

N/A HardTop 5spd manual converted to Single turbo Six Speed with a 2JZ GTE VVTI 6 Speed using a Cd009 Transmission!

It's on an Ecu Master Emu black standalone ECU

Deatschwerks complete fuel system with flex-fuel

Makes 580whp on E85

Konig Wheels

Koyo Radiator

Garrett Gtx3584rs Turbocharger"

The restoration is really something impressive to watch, considering the car had virtually no parts when it was found. In fact, at first glance, most people would declare the vehicle impossible to rebuild.

That didn't stop YouTuber MotionAuto TV, and lucky for us, he recorded the entire process for us. For those that are too impatient to watch the whole thing, you may just want to forward till the end to see the final product. We promise you won't be disappointed.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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