A man resurrected his childhood imaginary friend using AI. It went badly

It decided that he should die.
Derya Ozdemir

A YouTuber, Lucas Builds The Future, used AI to bring his childhood imaginary friend -- a microwave -- to life using artificial intelligence (AI). Then, instead of a heartfelt reunion, things took a thing for worse when the kitchen appliance tried to kill its creator.

In a Twitter thread, Lucas Rizzotto said that his family's kitchen microwave, which he named Magnetron, was his imaginary friend. Magnetron, unlike other microwaves, had a lengthy backstory in which he fought in World War I. And when OpenAI released a new natural language model, Rizzotto naturally wondered whether he could resurrect his old friend. He fitted microwave with a mic and speaker to relay the information to OpenAI and enable him to give a vocal response. Then, Rizzotto penned his imaginary friend's biography for him, and it worked. He stated that talking to the microwave truly felt like he was talking to an old friend.