Revisit Remnants of Pompeii in These New 3-D Renderings

After Mount Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii in 79 AD, few researchers ever thought they could get a sense of its former grandeur.

Hopes of archaeologists greatly lessened after a great earthquake threatened the ruined city further in 1980.

But now researchers from Sweden's Lund University have used 3-D technology to expand our knowledge of the area. The video shows a tour of a block of houses from pre-Vesuvius. Lund scholars have been working visually rebuilding the area since 2010. They scanned the city during multiple site visits, and now their first 3-D renderings have been completed.

“By combining new technology with more traditional methods, we can describe Pompeii in greater detail and more accurately than was previously possible,” said Nicoló Dell´Unto, digital archaeologist at Lund University.

They even reconstructed a house belonging to a wealthy banker, Caecilius lucundus. Through their research, the Lund team could even interpret the social structure of the time.


Via Lund University

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