Watching This Rice Transplanter Sow Crops is Very Satisfying

Kathleen Villaluz

Rice is the prime necessity of every Asian and it's not even an exaggeration. More than 90% of the world's rice supply is consumed in Asia with 9 countries in the continent topping the statistics table. So, it will not come as a surprise if the Asians have come up with a device that would help sow their beloved crop. This rice transplanter literally does what its name suggest - transplant rice!

There is an old oriental saying that "planting rice is not a joke", and indeed it isn't. Rice planters spend hours under the sun sowing the crop and the bent position they are doing it with takes a toll on their body. The bent position inflicts lumbar instability on the rice farmers' back which results into poor posture due to time.

That's why this rice transplanter invention is not only genius but also innovates the livelihood of those who work in rice fields. It does the job quickly and uniformly, which means exhausting manual labor can be eliminated. It's a self-propelled, manually operated machine that can transplant 8 rows of rice crops in a single pass. The diesel engine machine also includes a large wheel for plowing purposes. The rice transplanter can also help with harvesting the crop proving its worth as a reliable agricultural device.

It may be a simple farming invention, but it's definitely one that transforms one of Asia's largest agricultural industry.