Watch This Road-Legal Power Wheels Taken on a Ride Across the UK

It's crazy how such a tiny and slow vehicle is actually road legal in the U.K.
Derya Ozdemir

Power Wheels cars and 'toy' shopping carts both have that same energy: Every child has probably have dreamt of having one at home next to their parents' car and using it across adult highways on top speed while nursery rhymes play on the radio. Some kids, however, dream big, like this five-year-old boy who took his mom's car to the highway to buy himself a Lamborghini with $3 in his pocket.

And some adults, who are children at heart, take the world's first road-legal Power Wheels to the road in search of a kid-like thrill. In this video, YouTube channel Car Throttle's Alex drives around British roads with a kids' car with zero suspension and a humble top speed of 22 mph (35.5 km/h).

It's not that far from a regular car when you think about it, with its real pneumatic tires, headlights, indicators, and brake lights; when you disregard the fact that it can be picked up and put in your house. If you're curious to learn more about this fun project, make sure you watch the video above. 

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