Robot Dog Makes Friends With Real Dog

$3000 Sony Aibo Robot Dog might be your new best friend. Fun For Lois YouTube Channel covers this.
Jessica Miley

Do androids really dream of electric sheep? Or perhaps its a $3000 Sony Aibo Robot Dog they are thinking about?

If a robot pet is your cup of tea, this review video from Fun For Lois is a must-see. The Sony Aibo was first released in 1999, discontinued in 2006 and then re-released in 2018 with a massive revamp.

As you can imagine the leap in tech from 99 to 2018 is gigantic. Aibo is designed as a puppy, so it's your job to teach and train it, though there are some features already built in.

The dog's movements are uncannily close to reality. It responds to touch, wagging its tail and closing its eyes when you pat on its head.

The little robot dog has a few tricks up its sleeve including being able to play with a ball accessory. Lois explains when he first got the dog and turned it own, his real dog, Scout was absolutely stumped.

Sniffing and gently biting the puppy to try and get a reaction. Aibo’s makers encourage you to leave Aibo on during the day so it can explore it territory and learn the house’s layout and who lives there.

When Aibo’s battery is getting low, it will take itself off to the charging station to get re-juiced. At $3000 it isn’t going to be on everyone's Christmas list.

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