Robot Hummingbird Captures Half a Billion Butterflies Taking Flight

This spy hummingbird captured a breathtaking scene rarely filmed.
Derya Ozdemir

One word: nature. Engineering is magic in a way; however, nothing admittedly beats the uplifting feeling that watching nature in action gives. When engineering and nature overlap, those moments are perhaps the most breathtaking experiences of all times.

This video will take you to the mountains of Mexico where half a billion monarch butterflies cluster in swarms that resemble leaves in the oyamel fir trees. But they are not alone in their endeavors: A small robot hummingbird spy cam watches and captures their every move as winter ends and spring arrives. With the sun touching their wings, they start to warm up, and when they reach the needed temperature, they take off. 

The narrator states that this footage is incredibly rare. And don't worry, the spy hummingbird is harmless, some of the delicate butterflies even land on it safely. 

This footage was taken from a Nature on PBS episode called Spy in the Wild 2Episode Two: The North. Now you know what to watch when you need to get rid of anxiety.

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