This Robot Lawnmower Can Be Controlled Through VR

And you thought VR was just for entertainment!
Loukia Papadopoulos

YouTuber "I did a thing" is a big fan of virtual reality (VR). He loves escaping his mundane, normal life in favor of exploring forests or making a fake pot of tea in a virtual kitchen. Although these experiences function as fun adventures, they're not inherently useful. 

Sick of manual labor, he decided to combine VR with tasks that are useful: everyday chores. Which leads us to his next great innovation: running a real-life lawnmower using VR.

Why did he pick a lawnmower? Because we all know how boring cutting grass can be. Unless you have a scythe, like his friend.

After finding a lawnmower to take apart (an adventure in itself), he needed to make it compatible with VR technology, and give it some eyes using aGo Pro. 

What did he find when he took it apart? How did he manage to make it work through VR? And how successful was his final machine? The video answers all these questions and more, so make sure to watch it.

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