Robots May One Day Take Our Jobs But Only After We Find New Ones

It is a question that is on everyone's mind: will robots steal our jobs?
Loukia Papadopoulos

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Robots are all around us today from the machines that wash our clothes to those in manufacturing that build our everyday items. People often ask if robots will take our jobs and the answer is that they have already started to.

After all, washing our clothes used to be done by hand and many other tasks now taken over by robots. The question then becomes when will robots take our jobs and will they take all of them?

According to a study conducted at Oxford University, 35% of the jobs in Great Britain could become mechanized within 20 years. Foxconn, a company that produces electronic devices, aims to replace 30% of its workers with machines in 5 years. 

These changes seem less scary if you compare them to other similar changes in history. One example of such a change is when horses were replaced with steam and later with motorized vehicles.

These types of advancements are simply known as evolution and they benefit humanity making life easier and often healthier as well. Gartner predicts that, in 2020, 1.8 million jobs will be lost to artificial intelligence, while at the same time, 2.3 million new jobs will be created.

So it seems that robots will only take our jobs once new ones have been created for us. 

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