Robots That Make Warehouse Work Safe and Efficient

Automation is the future of warehouses.

Warehouses are increasingly becoming automated. After all, robots can do things much more efficiently than humans. Today, these machines are used to make almost everything you use. Are you curious to see them in action? This video brings you many warehouse robots doing their tasks safely and efficiently.

There’s Hikrobot’s forklift robot. The F4-1000C robot can carry a load of 1 ton (907 kg), navigate narrow aisles and lift it up 10 ft (3 m). It can also communicate with other robots. Ocado’s grocer robots zoom around a 3D grid system. They pick items from over 58,000 products to assemble grocery orders with an accuracy of 99%. In just minutes, a 50-item order can be packed and ready for transport.

inVia’s Picker robots can adapt to any warehouse. They hold onto a package using an industrial suction cup and activate a lift to reach shelves 23 ft (7 m) high. They can operate nonstop to get orders out the door.


Have these three robots piqued your curiosity? Then we have many more in our video. Make sure not to miss it.

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