This Rocket-Powered Fidget Spinner Is Insanely Dangerous

Jessica Miley

You might have noticed the craze for fidget spinners. These small metal propeller shaped devices that can occupy your fidgety hands while you patiently sit through another meeting. Well, this guy took the concept and sort of blew it out of the water, by creating this totally ridiculous rocket-powered fidget spinner.  

We have no idea why he thought this was a good idea. But you have to admit, it looks pretty cool. This ‘backyard scientist’ has created a bunch of weird and mainly dangerous videos of him blowing stuff up in his backyard.

The rocket-powered fidget spinner isn’t much different. After sizing up the spinner and cutting it out of aluminum, he attaches three ‘commercially available’ rockets to it and sets the whole thing up in his backyard. He admits, he has no idea what is going to happen and he is absolutely right.

Without giving too much away before you watch the video, let's just say he comes awfully close to losing his car and his girlfriend with this harebrained idea. Though that doesn’t seem to stop him as he backs up his first failed attempt with more rockets and more danger. You have to hand it to the guy, he is tenacious. Oh did I mention he flies a drone past the rocket-powered fidget spinner to capture even more footage?

Check out the guys Youtube channel for lots of exciting and highly dangerous ‘science’ experiments like him making a propane rifle and a flaming saber.