Running a Transparent Engine on Gunpowder Causes Explosion

Will this be the end of the see-through engine?

YouTuber Warped Perception building and exploding a see-through engine in slow-motion in a 9-minute video? You might want to take off your headphones for this one. 

While the transparent engine is admittedly a work of art, you might be wondering why it explodes. Well, this video comes with a twist: Instead of using gasoline, he makes the engine run on gunpowder to see what will happen. And well, we kind of gave that one's ending away, but that doesn't mean it is nothing short of amazing. 

The video was filmed in slow motion with a high-speed camera to capture every precious second in high detail. As stated in the description box, he had to rig up the engine and build a delivery system to get the gunpowder into the engine while he was running it. Apparently, it was a bit of a challenge, but he figured out a "better solution" in the end. You can watch the video for that. Tune in!

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