What Happens When You Run off a Car Going the Same Speed as It's Moving Forward

Can you guess whether you'd fall off or stay with it?

During those long road trips as a little child, long before you learned all those physics lessons, you must have surely thought of all the seemingly normal things that happen all around us — Why does a fork fall? How do things fly? Would you fall off your family's car if you got on it and jumped while it was moving? Or what would happen if you run and jump off a vehicle backward at the same speed that it is driving forward? Would you fall off or stay with it?

Well, probably, that last question is a bit complex, and even if you did think about it, the answer was probably not so clear. In this video, the YouTube channel The Action Lab dives into this question, head first.

The idea came to him while he was making a video about shooting a nerf gun backward while he driving forward in his car. So normally, he had to give it a try. Stating that you should never try this at home, he says "I am a trained professional engineer scientist", who is admittedly not exactly known for their gymnastic skills, and goes onto performing numerous stunts to see what would happen. Make sure you watch the video to curb your curiosity.

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