Running Three Turbos on this Diesel Engine Led to a Spectacular Explosion

This performance diesel engine explodes after churning out nearly 2,000 horsepower.
Shelby Rogers

Engine building can be dangerous regardless of what style engine you're dealing with, but even more can go wrong while building performance engines. This video shows just how disastrous those problems can be. 

This video was uploaded by Bruce Wilson, whose YouTube channel is filled with insightful analysis of all things engine-related. Wilson walks through why a triple turbo Cummins diesel would randomly explode while dyno testing. The engine was produced by D&J Precision Machine and Firepunk Diesel; both garages are based out of Ohio.

"These guys test everything to the absolute limits," Wilson said in the video. "They have broke [sic] records, they have done absolutely amazing things."

The video went viral on Reddit, and thanks to that thread, we know that the engine was pushing out 145 psi and more than 2,000 horsepower. 

And then it exploded. 

"They just, if they haven't done it, then no one has. They pushed this thing to the absolute max," Wilson noted when talking more about the engine's builders at D&J Precision Machine. "I can't imagine the amount of money lost on this thing."

There are plenty of videos on the internet of blown engines losing a connecting rod or gasket head. There are even some like this video from 1320 Speed & Kustom on YouTube that shows the engine blowing out flames. However, most of those videos show that a majority of the engine remains intact. This video details the demise of the whole engine block! 

Luckily for everyone involved, this didn't happen at the track. It happened in the relatively controlled environment of a dyno room. (For those who are not car inclined, dyno rooms are testing centers that are normally industrial noise treated specifically for engine testing in performance racing and automotive restoration.)

For more racing clips (especially if you love diesel engines), check out Wilson's full channel linked below. 

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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