This Russian Backyard Engineer Built a Jet-Powered Bike and It's Insane

Jessica Miley

Ever wondered what would have happened if you put a jet engine on a regular bicycle? Luckily for all of us, Игорь Негода has put his life on the line and created a monster jet-powered bike. Taking what looks like his childhood mountain bike and a very crude jet engine set up, this Russian inventor will make you fear for his life from the comfort of your own home. Unfortunately, the video is in Russian so the commentary is not understandable for most of us. But even without the voiceover, you can get some ideas from the extensive how to section. And, of course, be on the edge of your seat watching the thrilling footage of the jet-powered bike at full speed through the Russian countryside.

There is no doubt this home scientist is a little on the crazy side. Not only has he rigged a regular bike with a turbo jet engine, he rides it with no helmet or safety equipment at all! Ok, he does wear some pretty wild looking sunglasses.  

From the looks of his channel it seems, Игорь Негода does have some experience with creating jet engines. His other videos reveal that his dangerous hobby also extends to model toys and some other fun household hacks.

But finally, as we are not sure whether it's clear in the video, so we’ll add our own disclaimer. Don’t try this at home!