Russian Mechanics Generate Power from a Thousand Lemons

Is it possible to start a car engine with connecting lemon halves, and a little bit of enthusiasm?
Irmak Bayrakdar

A garage of mechanics from Russia have made an experiment you've probably never thought of.

This Youtube channel ''Garage 54'' is all about never-been-tried, over-the-top experiments that are sure to make you smile even if you are not intrigued.

Surely, we have seen potatoes and other foods being used for experiments for generating power before. But these guys, for a change, have decided to try out lemons. The featured video shows the group of mechanics testing the voltage of lemons with copper and zinc to get started on the experiment and see if the lemons can generate enough power to start a car.

It also shows us that the voltage of one half of a lemon is around 0.96 volts. (That kind of information is something you don’t come across on the Internet every day, right?)

Afterwards, we see them preparing lemons, cutting them in halves and placing them on the floor. After carefully connecting the ‘’lemon’’ circuit with screws and wires, the experiment is ready.

Though the experiment clearly shows that even a thousand lemon halves are not enough to start a car, it surely puts a smile on our faces.

There goes the saying: when life gives you lemons, you use them for an experiment.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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