Russian Mechanics Test How Long Gasoline Engine Can Work Underwater

How long a car engine survive underwater?
Derya Ozdemir

Amphibious vehicles are all the rage these days; however, seeing a regular car underneath the water is something you only see in Hollywood movies—for good reason.

Putting a car underwater is never a good idea, but especially without waterproofing the engine, as being submerged in water can wreak havoc on a car's engine, electrical system, and interiors. But still, one cannot help but wonder how long a car engine would work underwater... Never the one to left a question unanswered, the mechanics at the YouTube channel Garage 54 have now tackled just that.

In this video, the experts dunk a working engine into a tub filled with water and see whether it will run or not. The engine they use is a gasoline engine, and as the presenter Vlad says, water is the worst enemy of a gasoline engine.