Russian 'Space Cowboy' Rides His Vacuum Cleaner While on Duty

The International Space Station saw Anton Shkaplerov fly on his trusty steed in zero gravity.
Fabienne Lang

You've seen cosmonauts do some pretty fun and whacky things up in space, but have you seen one ride a vacuum cleaner aboard the International Space Station (ISS)?

That's exactly what Russian cosmonaut, Anton Shkaplerov, did early last year while he was on the ISS. Lucky for us, he was filmed as he took off on his duties around the ISS while on his 'trusty steed.'

Shkaplerov decided to ride the vacuum cleaner after a number of followers of his asked him to ride a vacuum cleaner in zero gravity. We're not entirely sure where the idea originally stemmed from, but we're glad it arose as it makes for a mighty fun video. 

Initially, Shkaplerov didn't jump onto the idea — or the vacuum cleaner. However, on his third flight he decided the time was right and posted images on his Instagram. He can be seen floating across the ISS on the dust sucker, earning him the nickname 'Space Cowboy.'

It's in fact quite a feat being able to remain on the vacuum cleaner, and directing it in the desired direction, all while making it look seamless. That said, Shkaplerov and his teammates do have a good amount of practice moving around in zero gravity. 

See for yourselves how this Russian cosmonaut became a Space Cowboy.

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