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You can go to Sci-Fi Level in masturbation with 10 strokes per minute and up to 600 strokes at CES 2023.
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As we all know, technology is integrated into our lives to make it easier. Usually, they are in the form of gadgets and appliances with the latest updates including numerous features designed to make tasks easier. Since technology has this purpose, it shouldn’t be a surprise to know that technology can also be applied to sex, which is also a part of human life and nature.

The 2023 Consumer Electronics Show features a lot of innovative concepts of gadgets and tools. Alongside the usual stuff expected in these shows, a tool used for personal and intimate sessions was featured. What was presented is an upgraded tool used for masturbation.

The Handy is an upgraded device masturbation device developed by Sweet Tech. The main purpose of having this device is to allow people to feel and experience what they can see. It also aims to break the taboo associated with masturbation. Being present in the show just does that, and it also enabled participants to appreciate how technology is integrated into this aspect of life.

Interesting Engineering was able to speak with the co-founder and CEO at Sweet Tech, Jens Petter Wilhelmsen. He described Handy to be a fully automated and interactive masturbator along with its highly interactive features.

The goal of the tool is to let the users' experience exactly what they can see – whether on screen or in VR. This is because Handy can be synchronized in real-time to what the user can see so that the strokes of the device could match what could be seen on screen.

Product presentation at the show consisted of a Safe-for-work version where the user sits down and gets to wear a VR console. The console then shows a POV video where the user gets their knees touched with a head scratcher, which is attached to the Handy in real-time. This version simulates how the device can sync VR actions in real life, giving an idea of how the device works in its actual purpose, intended for sexual pleasure.

This device can also be connected to Wi-Fi, which allows it to be synchronized and controlled by someone else in the world. Just think of the possibilities that this device could do in terms of connectivity and intimacy.

Both the concepts of masturbation and sex are a part of human life and experience. Devices like the Handy allow people to connect and be intimate with this part of their selves - allowing users to become comfortable in their own bodies. This device was able to demonstrate the future of sex technology by offering this safe and interactive experience.

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