Saudi Arabia is converting an archipelago into a high-luxury mega-resort

But at what cost?
Derya Ozdemir

Saudi Arabia is embarking on a massive initiative to convert an archipelago into a luxurious mega-resort.

Dubbed the Red Sea Project, the effort has been called "the world's most ambitious luxury tourism development". It's currently under construction on the Saudi Arabian Red Sea coast, and the country believes it will be a boon for its economy.

The site includes an archipelago of more than 90 islands, miles and miles of desert, and vistas of stunning mountain landscapes. Architects and engineers from all around the world are working on projects to build entire towns, villas, hotels, and a massive new airport on this precious and remote land. Overall, the project is expected to create 70,000 new jobs and generate a $5.3 billion boost to the country's economy. However, it will also be built on land that is environmentally sensitive and home to endangered species as well as one of the world's largest barrier reef systems. If you want to learn more about this gargantuan project, make sure you watch the video by the YouTube channel The B1M above, and as always, enjoy.

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