Say Goodbye to Blunt Knives with This Ingenious DIY Blade Sharpener

This wonderful video by John Heisz shows step-by-step how to create a very cleverly designed knife sharpener.
Jessica Miley

Many home cooks say they hate chopping vegetables and meat because it just takes so darn long. But often the problem is amateur cooks using dull and blunt knives. Using a razor-sharp knife in the kitchen definitely makes the chopping and preparing process easier and a lot more motivating. But knowing how to properly sharpen a blade can be a skill in itself, just as much as the cooking. Luckily, YouTube DIY enthusiast John Heisz has created this really cool and unusual knife sharpener that makes it easy to keep all your kitchen equipment razor sharp. Heisz has created this design himself and starts by questioning if his vision is going to work. 

However, the design is simple, yet effective. He uses an old grinding stone and using a diamond tipped saw, cuts the stone down into two pieces with interlocking teeth or combs that sit into each other. This forms the basis for the design and it is the part that actually sharpens the knife. Form there Heisz creates a frame for the stones, setting them at an angle of 20 degrees to each other so that the knife can be slipped easily in between them. The ingenious part of the design is using regular household sponges as strings on either end of the stones that allow them to snap back into place after the knife left the sharpener. To make this nifty kitchen gadget you’ll have to have access to a pretty well set up workshop, but the results are worth it. This knife sharpener isn’t just cool to look at it, it's mighty effective too.

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