Science YouTuber Explores Whether Spider-Man Could Stop a Train

Because Science analyzes the kinetic energy of the train and toughness of spider silk to give a plausible answer.

Because Science's Kyle Hill is known for tackling whether superhero movies could be real. This week he is back with a scene from Spider-Man.

"Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2 remains an all-time favorite among fans, and includes one of the most iconic moments in all superhero movie history. The action-packed scene finds Spider-Man trying to stop a speeding train with nothing but his super strength and spider silk. It's a classic scene, but would Spidey really have been able to stop that train? Kyle swings in for answers in this week's Because Science!" reads the YouTuber's video description.

Hill analyzes the kinetic energy of the train. Then, he analyzes the toughness of the spider silk. Needless to say, he comes up with a somewhat rational answer to this hypothetical question.

So can Spider-Man stop that train? We won't tell you. You have to watch the video for that. We will tell you it is an interesting analysis that comes up with a somewhat logical answer. 

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