Secret Plastic in Aluminum Cans Revealed through This Funky Experiment

This video shows us what's hidden inside our everyday cans.
Fabienne Lang

Just a bottle of sodium hydroxide, water, emery paper (sandpaper), and a can are all that are needed for this experiment. 

We discover the hidden material that lurks beneath our aluminum cans' smooth exterior: plastic

The plastic isn't there just for the sake of it, there's a good reason behind it: it prevents the can from corroding and contaminating food or drinks.

We all use cans to drink fresh sodas, beers and even juices, most of us blissfully unaware of what they're made of, or even questioning if there's much more to them than their hardish exterior.

But just like an onion, it turns out our everyday cans have layers too!

How exactly was this discovered? And who can check if this is true? Anyone, it turns out.

By watching this video's cool experiment you'll see how easy it is to uncover the truth behind cans.

Be careful though, plastic gloves are needed in order not to injur yourself, as you'll see from the video these are strong chemicals - keep an eye on children before doing this one!

So, which recycling box do we place cans in now? Plastic or aluminum? Stick to aluminum for now. 


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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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