See How a Mazda RX-8's Rotary Engine Works with Lego Model

This is such an accurate car engineering piece executed perfectly with LEGOs.

Internet is home to numerous LEGO projects ranging from simplistic ones like building small planets to complex projects such as actually functioning real-size cars. In this video, we venture once again into the world of LEGO, and if you want to see a rebuild of modern technology with colorful bricks, you've come to the right place.

Akiyuki Brick Channel builds a model of a rotary engine completely with LEGO bricks, and according to the video description, the model is based on the Mazda 13B-MSP "RENESIS" engine, which can be seen mounted in the car Mazda RX-8

Great care is put into this build which is complete with nice details, such as a light going off to show the ignition of the fuel inside. You'll be hypnotized while watching the LEGO engine in motion and watching it built from scratch will also help you understand and have a general idea of how rotary engines work since he captures the true nature of the motion perfectly.

While you probably can't use this to replace the real rotary engine in your Mazda, it is still worth a watch. Tune in!


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