See How Coins are Laser Etched with Perfect Precision

This laser-etched bitcoin serves as physical storage for a very expensive, intangible investment.
Shelby Rogers

Ever wondered what bitcoin would look like in the real world? The team from showcased an early attempt at laser-etching bitcoin. They uploaded the video to Heads or Tales Coins & Collectibles after making "thousands" of attempts to get it just right. 

The video (shot in real time) shows the various layers that go into the satisfying process of laser etching. Seeing the QR code become a reality while listening to the hum of the machine makes bitcoin's intangible value seem a bit more "real world."

While this video hit the internet in November 2017, the Cold Storage Coins company didn't officially launch until February 2018. The company was founded to give a physical sense of security to one of the most popular digital 'risks' on the market. 

"We’re well aware of the stories of those who lose their digital fortune to theft, acts of God, or general carelessness. And between highly volatile markets, opportunistic hackers, and general human error, it’s not surprising to hear people say, 'It’s just not worth the effort.'" the company wrote in its announcement.  

Each bitcoin from Cold Storage Coins come with the laser etched private keys. They also have a unique QR code etched into the metal as well. This allows for buying and selling with bitcoin simple; all someone needs is a QR scanner.