See How Diablo Was Completely Reverse Engineered without Source Code

Find out how the game, Diablo, was reverse engineered.
Fabienne Lang

The action role-playing computer game (RPG), Diablo, was released by Blizzard Entertainment back in 1996. It was a complete smash hit, selling 2.5 million copies and defining a genre of RPG back in its day. 

In 2018, a developer by the name of GalaXyHaXz nearly entirely reverse engineered the code in just four months, and later released it as open-source. Watch this video to learn how they did it. 

What's the purpose of reverse engineering? It's useful for cracking and hacking online, as well as understanding viruses that software perform. It's especially useful for online gamers or programmers, as they can find bugs in programs and patch them. 

Ultimately, it's also good for programmers to crack and hack, and work for anti-virus producers, for example. 

Watch the video to find out for yourselves how it worked out with the popular game, Diablo. 


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