See How Porsche's New All-Electric Sportscar, the Taycan, is Made

This satisfying video shows you behind-the-scenes raw footage from a Porsche factory.

Ever wanted to see how an all-electric sports car is built? Now's your chance.

This satisfying video shows you how a simple skeleton of a car comes beautifully together to form a powerful sportscar. In the video, Porsche shows how their new and all-electric Taycan is built, from a basic frame to a shiny new sportscar. 

You'll feel like you're watching aliens at work as the yellow-tinted moving machines assemble the first sections of Porsche's latest sportscar. The Taycan's structure moves seamlessly and smoothly between the different stations in the company's main plant, in Zuffenhausen, Germany. 

Then comes the handy work. A group of red-shirted engineers ensures that all doors open correctly, that the surfaces are smooth before the shell of the car moves swiftly on to the next section — the dipping one. You'll watch transfixed as the Taycan-to-be is slowly and smoothly submerged into a pool of liquid.

Continuing with the satisfying moments of this video, the robotic red machines that spray paint the car jet-black will have you re-watching this part of the video again. 

Once more, humans come in, to double-check that everything is functioning properly, with the Taycan at this stage in its modeling process. Then, comes the fun part for the engine lovers out there. You'll be thrilled to see the machinery of the car added into the interior of its glossy shell. 

It all ends with rows upon rows of different colored Taycans, all ready to hit the road. 

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