See the Flawless 3D Animations Created by This Artist

A visual artist creates perfect 3D animations that seem hyper-realistic.
Nursah Ergü

3D art is a pretty mesmerizing when compared to the conventional fields of art, and it is one of the rising trends right now, both on social media and in real life. It never ceases to amaze us with its unique views. 

Arben Vllasaliu, a visual and 3D artist and a graphic designer, or as he describes himself, an "introvert" and an "overthinker", shines out with his distinct and glamorous style in 3D animations he creates.

He uploads his own works and videos on his Instagram page and it seems like all 154k of his followers enjoy his work a lot. 

He usually uses soft, pastel color schemes in his 3D animations, and with the sound effects he uses, it's almost impossible to understand that these aren't real but mere animations. 

His works are pretty inspiring as well. How is it possible to see these works but not get any jealous or inspired? What do you think? What kind of impact his artworks created on you?

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