See with Your Own Eyes: AI Learning How to Play Snake

Watch what happens as the neural network picks up how to play this classic game.
Fabienne Lang

This fascinating video about how AI can learn to play the game Snake is an eye-opener for all who are interested in neural networks and how they operate. 

The video creator, Chrispresso, not only makes the video easy to follow. Giving insight into how the back end of the system operates, he has chosen a piece of stunning music that fits the video perfectly. So even if you're not crazy about AI, you'll still enjoy this video for its music, which matches the moves of the snake as the video goes along. 

But, for the juicy part, of understanding how AI can learn how to play a game, Chrispresso breaks it all down nicely for you.

As you watch the AI learn how to play the game, you see its direct understanding around 30 minutes in, then an hour, then two hours, until it completely learns how to play the game. It's mesmerizing!

The game Snake is simple in itself, the goal is for the snakes to collect apples, as they do so, they grow. If they run into a wall, or into themselves, they lose the game. 

Chrispresso used a neural network and a genetic algorithm to teach a population of snakes to slowly learn how to play the game unaided. 

Observing the neural network's Input and Output Layers, as well as the two hidden layers, light up between sensors as information moves between them is incredible.