Short Sleeper to Electric Resistance, Here Is a Probability Comparison of Human Superpowers

Rare superpower mutations aside, here is a reminder that YOU are one of those rarities.
Derya Ozdemir

Here is something very interesting to think about: how rare are the rarest superpower mutations?

In this video, Reigarw Comparisons compare the rarest superpower humanity has ever known. From being a short sleeper to having electric resistance, who can withstand 10X the current that would kill a normal person, the list is pretty long. Apparently, superheroes do come in all shapes and forms.

How many people are born with a superior IQ above 178? Or, what are the odds of being born with a 5 plus octave range, or tetrachromacy color vision?  If you are a numberphile who loves to watch numbers pass by, or you simply want to know the answers to these questions, this is the video for you. 

While these facts are only for entertainment purposes and not scientifically verified, it is still fun to think about the possibilities. Still, think thrice before using them on your thesis. 

What’s fun is that you might learn that you had a superpower that you didn’t know that you had. Who knew that being able to operate on 6 hours of sleep was a superpower? 

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