Watch This Shotgun Get Sliced in Half by a 60,000 PSI Waterjet

Shelby Rogers

For gun owners and shooting aficionados, the parts of a gun can be easily rattled off. But very rarely do even the most dedicated sportsmen and outdoorsmen get a cross section look of their favorite toys. This video from the Waterjet Channel slices open a shotgun using a 60,000 PSI waterjet.

The guys use an older bolt-action shotgun, and the insides are really cool. The waterjet slices through the bolt itself with ease. This video is perfect if you've ever wanted to imagine what goes on in a gun when you pull the trigger.

Not only does the team slice it open, they then see how well the two halves will come back together. We wonder if you could easily weld the pieces and have the gun function (probably not, but it would be a fun project). A video suggestion we'd like to see came from YouTube comments. What would happen if the Waterjet guys attempted to fire a bullet through the high-pressure stream? This is, of course, assuming all the safety precautions were put in place for that particular video.

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