This Simple DIY Robot Can Run and Hop Like a Kangaroo

Kathleen Villaluz

Robot-making may not be as difficult as you think it is. Moving robots doesn't have to be made up of expensive and high-tech materials. Simple DIY materials and other household things are enough to make yourself a running and hopping robot. This DIY robot will surely make a cool science project if you ever need new ideas.

The maker, Brainergeiser, compared the hopping motions of the DIY robot to a kangaroo. And conveniently, the legs used on the robot is called Whegs or wheeled legs. How inventive. The DIY robot has two C wheels that are driven by one plastic geared DC motor at 100 rpm. PVC pipes were used to make up the hopping legs. Then hot glue was used to incorporate small hump strips on the outer side of each leg.

If you're interested in making this running DIY robot then watch the full tutorial video as it shows in detail how it's made. You might be wondering where you could possibly use this moving robot. Well, from the video, it looks as if the kangaroo-like DIY robot can be used to race other moving robots. It will be interesting to see if its humble abilities can match those of other moving robots. Or why not make two or three of them and race them against each other. As we said, it makes a cool science project.

Via Brainergiser


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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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