Slice and Dice: 7 Kitchen Gadgets Innovatively Improved by a Design Expert

Learn how to use swanky kitchen slicing gadgets and how they could function even better.
Fabienne Lang

There is an embarrassing array of kitchen gadgets out there, ready to be bought and brought home. Some are mightily useful, cutting down cooking prep time, whereas others leave a little to be desired. 

In this fun video, a design expert puts his knowledge and skills to the test to see how seven kitchen slicing gadgets could be improved, by first testing their effectiveness and usability.

The gadgets are as follows: Watermelon Windmill, Slap Chop, Clever Cutter, Pineapple Slicer, Apple Peeler, Strawberry Huller, Corn Kernel Stripper.

Some of these are easily identifiable by their not-so-inventive names, and in order to know what some of the less obvious ones are, you'll just have to watch the video!

In a fun way of measuring the usability of these devices, the design expert puts a good amount of oil onto his left hand and tests them out to see how easily usable they still are. Let's just point out that he's naturally right-handed. 

Surprisingly, given these gadgets are meant to ease kitchen stress and time, some of them actually do the opposite due to poor design. By redesigning them as he goes along, the expert improves their usability exponentially -- now who's going to go out there and design them properly?

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