Smart Cordless Kitchen Appliances At CES 2023

Thanks to the power transmitters you can use your electronic devices in every corner of your kitchen conveniently and wirelessly.
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The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in any household because this is where food is prepared. It also houses most of the kitchen appliances and gadgets essential for cooking. This means that it is common for kitchens to have several cables and sockets for these electronics to work. 

What if there is a way to have a whole new kitchen space without these cables lurking around? Wireless or cordless appliances are now on the rise and start to become available in markets. Having these appliances would be enough already to get rid of the cable cords but try to think bigger. How about a kitchen space that is entirely wireless?

Well, this idea becomes a reality as presented in the Consumer Electronics Show 2023. Wireless Power Consortium teases an upgraded and innovative cooking space, the KI Cordless Kitchen. 

The concept behind this cordless kitchen relies on the company’s Qi standard used in creating wireless charging for mobile devices. Kitchen devices can now be placed in specific areas of the countertop and can be used or powered on, without the need for cords and sockets. 

The CMO of Wireless Power Consortium, Paul Golden, mentioned that the idea behind this cordless kitchen is the research they made on kitchens. The results show that cables or cords of appliances get in the way. What they have done to solve this concern is to create a cordless kitchen where transmitters are used and hidden in the countertop. 

The transmitters are connected to the cordless appliances and once an appliance is placed over a designated area, the transmitter would activate and sends up to 2200 watts of power to the appliance. No need to check for sockets and ensure that cords won’t get tangled. This will allow people to be able to freely move in the kitchen and bring appliances anywhere on the countertop. 

Plus, this concept also allows the kitchen to look more modern, neat, and organized.

The KI Cordless Kitchen presented at the CES shows to work with several kitchen appliances. Golden also mentioned that any other kitchen appliance can work with the setup with the help of the KI standard. 

This concept on its own is already promising and seeing it come to life is another thing. If you’re already thinking of upgrading to this kind of kitchen, you’ll be needing to wait until it becomes available in 2024. 

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