Social Robots Are Real And They Are At CES 2023

AI LIFE unveiled an artificial intelligence robot at CES2023 that allows you to meet your communication needs with a robot, as well as a dexterous robot hand that you can control remotely.
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The field of robotics continuously evolves since its introduction. There have been many products released in the market already under a similar concept, all with the purpose of creating a better life experience for everyone.

With the rise of virtual reality, AI, and other technological trends, one might think that robotics is no longer relevant. In reality, these trends are actually important aspects of the progress of robotics in the industry. These technologies allow current robots and those under development to become more efficient in performing tasks to help people. 

Modern-day robots become more humanoid in appearance while being able to be functional in performing tasks. Just take a look at this latest robot design by AI Life presented at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show. 

This robot is named Zozi and is a social robot with a hyper-realistic facial appearance. Zozi aims to explore human communication as naturally as possible and to provide a conversational experience. 

Robert Knight from AI Life was interviewed by Interesting Engineering to get his insights about these new robots released. He is a designer of humanoid robots and has experience in the robotics field for over 30 years. 

Knight described the concept behind Zozi as a social robot in terms of how humans communicate with their machines. This is to allow people to make giving out instructions and conversing a lot easier, without the need to explain any more details to make the robots complete a desired task. 

Aside from this humanoid robot, AI Life also presented a dexterous robot hand. Knight, who is particularly interested in visual dexterity, mentioned that this robot hand is an example of the concept. This would allow the robot hand to be controlled to do useful things in its range. The robot hand is currently open sourced and people can actually make one if they have access to a printer. 

The robot hand can be remotely controlled in performing tasks, resembling your own hand movements. In addition, it can also be trained in performing tasks without damaging the hardware. It is modeled in a physics environment and can be virtually trained in doing activities. 

These robots are just some of the latest innovations in the field presented at the CES. From here, it is evident that robotics continuously grows to develop more ways in making life easier. Whether if it’s through improved communication or being able to perform complex activities, it is inevitable in the future to see more robots being a part of our everyday lives. 

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