Software Engineer Gives 1972 Triumph GT6 a Digital Makeover

This engineer put a digital dash to his classic Triumph GT6.
Derya Ozdemir

As an owner of 1972 Triumph GT6 and a software engineer, YouTuber channel Josh Ellis has designed a custom digital cluster using a custom PCB, Teensy 4.0, Raspberry Pi 4 and a 12.3” touchscreen.

He explains in a blog post that he was very excited to tackle this project and started looking into what he could do for the gauges in his car. While there were various options on the internet, he wasn't excited about any of them, so he started researching what he could do by himself. After looking at numerous LCDs and driver boards, he finally found one and the project came to life.

He states that the system will be very cool once it's done, and we have to agree. In the video above, you can see what the panel looks like in the car, with retro meeting digital. Just so you know, there is a screen protector on the LCD, and that it's supposed to look much better when it's finally installed. If you're interested in how he did it, you can see pictures of the process here.

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