Sony and Honda Collaboration Reflects on Design

The Afeela autonomous vehicle presented with the 3A concept attracted attention at CES2023 in collaboration with Sony and Honda.
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Electric cars took the auto industry by storm when it was released. One of the main advantages of these types of vehicles is that they run on electricity and has a positive impact on the environment with lower emissions. Since then, electric vehicles have continued to thrive and became something that auto companies start to produce.

The growth of electric vehicles through time allowed several options to be available on the market with different features and functions to highlight. Now, another player enters the competitive scene of EVs. 

The Sony and Honda partnership under Sony-Honda mobility has unveiled the prototype of its electric car at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show. This is the Afeela, and behind this unique name lies the heart of the concept which aims to make this EV unique among the others.

Larry Harrison from Sony-Honda was interviewed by Interesting Engineering during the CES 2023 and was able to provide insights about the EV prototype. To begin with, he explained the concept of the EVs unique name, which is Afeela. Larry stated that upon the removal of the first and the last letter, you’ll have the word “feel.” 

This is the very representation of the vehicle as it would represent the emotional connectivity between the driver and the vehicle. Aside from this, the vehicle also wants to explore the two-way relationship between the driver and the passenger. Having this concept places the EV to be something that is not just for transport but a player in creating a space for feeling and connection between people. 

There are three A’s behind the design of Afeela – Autonomy, Augmentation, and Affinity. 

The vehicle’s autonomy lies in how safety comes first with 45 cameras and sensors around it for a safe driving experience. Next, the augmentation aspect can be seen in how panoramic wide screens and PlayStation integration becomes a form of entertainment that also connects the feel of the passengers. Lastly, we have the affinity as Afeela aims to connect the vehicle itself, the driver, and the passenger throughout this experience.

In fact, the experience that this EV offers was also made possible through the collaboration between Sony, Honda, and other partners. 

These things are just some of the interesting features that EV enthusiasts will surely watch out for in the future. The Afeela prototype presented at the CES 2023 teases the possibilities that this vehicle under the Sony-Honda collaboration will have once released. 

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