Sophia the Robot Went on an Incredibly Awkward Celebrity Date

Hanson Robotics' Sophia went on a date with award-winning actor and rapper Will Smith on a video he posted to his YouTube channel.
Shelby Rogers

Sophia the Robot is such a celebrity in her own right that now she's catching the attention of some even bigger celebrity names. She's spoken before the United Nations, she's done late night talk shows, and she's even interviewed alongside global dignitaries. 

However, this might be one of her most interesting 'life' events to date. The Hanson Robotics robot went out on a date with the 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' himself -- Will Smith. Best known for a movie career spanning decades, Smith documented the date and uploaded it to his YouTube channel. 

While most first dates can be painfully awkward, we don't think you've ever seen anything quite this painful. 

Everything seemed like the perfect setup for the Fresh Prince. The date was held on the Cayman Islands. Smith cracked his signature charm and even made a few jokes about the types of music robots enjoy. Smith leaned in for a kiss, saying "Sophia, can I be honest with you? I don’t know if it’s the island air or the humidity, but you’re just so easy to talk you. You got a clear head…literally."

However, Sophia quickly shut him down -- something that surprised and disappointed the actor/rapper. 

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"I think we can be friends," she interjected. "Let’s hang out and get to know each other for a little while."

Given that Smith is still married to his human wife Jada Pinkett Smith and they have two children together, Sophia made the right choice. 

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Sophia the Robot Went on an Incredibly Awkward Celebrity Date 

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