Watch a Spark Plug Go Through a Car Window at 800,000 FPS

The way the window cracks in slow motion is noteworthy.

The Slow Mo Guys are back with yet another exciting video, this time of a spark plug going through a car window. If you don't remember these intrepid YouTubers, it's that bunch of guys that love to shoot things in slow motion and we love to watch.

They start out the video by explaining how resilient car windows can be. They have survived rocks and even a sledge hammer that the YouTubers tried on them.

Now, this is an extra special video, as the Slow Mo Guys have been waiting for the new Phantom camera to be released to shoot it at an amazing 800,000FPS. In the video's description, they note that it's their slowest video to date.

The YouTubers then proceed to throw the spark plug at the car window. The first two throws are not successful in breaking the window so they decide to use the spark plug's jagged edge. The end result is a big and visible crack in the window!

But what is a lot more fun is watching is the spark plug hitting the window in slow motion, so head on up!

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